Image result for GOOGLE CLIP ART SHOWING DRIED UP    Elijah is sent to Brook Cherith where he awaits the next instruction from God.  We are not told how long he is at the brook hiding, but he certainly must know and is observing that the water flow has diminished severely.  The drought for which he prayed down from heaven to old reprobate King Ahab and the land of Israel has come about. He is in hiding and being taught by the Master Teacher.  He has dared to confront Ahab and his wife, Jezebel, who is known for being the one in control of the monarchy and Ahab. 

I love Elijah's provision of food....meals being delivered by the unclean carrion eating ravens and they were to come twice a day to bring bread and meat.  Where did they find "fresh" food and bread?  Elijah may not have been a persnickety eater either!  This certainly is not a Sandals All-Inclusive Resort accommodation! Do you wonder how the ravens know to come to Brook Cherith?  A quote from F. B. Myer's book, Elijah and the Secret of His Power, "Ah, reader, God has an infinite fertility of resource; and if thou art doing His work where He would have thee, He will supply thy need, though the heavens fail.  Only trust Him!" 

Sure enough the brook has dried up and Elijah now waits and perhaps with anxiety.   You and I have experienced the "drying up or maybe the drying out" of things:  DRYING UP of ministry, finances, relationships, loved ones, joy, health, watching evil addictions take control,  jobs, marriages, etc. I don't know if Elijah is quick to blame God..."You sent me here, and now that I am comfortable and at least eating and drinking, the watering hole is dried up! To think that I also obeyed You God!"  The lessons will continue:  Will I trust God when my brook has dried up?  Will I wait upon the Lord as I cry out to Him for provision? Or will I blame God and others and stay holed up in anger, blame, and resentment?  Because I have experienced or am experiencing "things drying up"  I am learning that HE wants me to allow ME to dry up so that HE might be THE PROVISION OF MY LIFE.  Oh, to say with the Psalmist in Psalm 40:8, "I delight to do Thy will, O my God; Thy law is within my heart."  Ever learning to speak out of faith and not fear!  In process still!!  #IHAVETHREESONS


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