Last night, I got to attend a  "Pink Out" for first responders, fire and police, who have succumb to the ravages of cancer.  I stood on the 50 yard line with Kelly, David's wife, and another mate of a responder who had died.  So many emotions grabbed hold of my heart.  I obviously was never in a home-coming court or played football, so the 50 yard line and the center of the field was kind of a "sacred" place for this Mom to be.  David loved football as did my other two sons and their Dad and I logged some years watching and applauding them as they played their hearts out.  I loved watching the Color Guard of First Responders present the flags.  The band playing the Star Spangled Banner for the background of my thoughts of joy and sadness.  As my emotions welled up, I was grateful to honor David, who had a servant heart for people in need and did not run from a fire but toward the fires.  I honor him for fighting hard and not running from the fires that cancer p…




"Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path." Psalm 110:105.  The light and the lamp to the ancient Hebrew of King David's psalm was a hand-held clay pot like bowl.  I guess maybe the size of the bowl might determine whether it was a light or a lamp.  Conjecture only! 

The author seems to be saying that God's Word is a lamp which brightens or sheds light on an up close object, in this case a path, as he walks along the way. The he adds the second description of the Word of God also being a lamp which can brighten or light the path further down the way.  

I confess that there are but a few times that I have been totally stumped and could not "see" or "know" the next step. Do I EVER hate those times! I align those times  akin to what I have "felt" in the "silence of heaven". I understand there is a major difference in the feeling of "silence from heaven" because of disobedience on my part, and "silence&q…


  As a classroom educator, I always appreciate and have appreciated the student who is willing to ASK for help, ASK a pertinent question, or ASK an occasional random least asking is taking place!  Wanting information!

As I look at the parables in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, it seems that MOST of the miracles of healings occurred because of the initiative of the person who was ill or a friend who brought the person to Jesus.  In most cases, the person ASKS to be made well. My focus is not on healing, but the action of ASKING.  

Several thoughts come to mind:
1.  We are reminded in Matthew 7:7-8, "Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."  (Sounds like a promise to me!)
2.  ASKING might suggest that I am willing to humble myself under God's mighty hand, knowing that He loves and cares for me.  (1 Peter…


It was too interesting as I read Matthew 11:12 today.  Jesus has been praising John the Baptist (Baptizer) who was a prophet and the  "Elijah" who was to come to earth.  He was to be the "Elijah" preparing the kingdom for the coming of the Lord Jesus.  As I read verse 12, I pondered for sure and grabbed some commentarial comments for a fuller understanding.  "From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men will lay hold of it."

The comments were varied and I am going to list some of my thoughts as I read:
1. The reason the word forcefully advancing is used also the word, violent, is the action of a person being quickened, coming alive, who has been steeped and dead in sin. That is certainly a transaction! 
2.  Salvation is really a "death to self life" and death fights hard against losing control of the self.
3.  One commentator suggested that the forceful men were sinners, Gentile…


I love reading the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The lessons taught are reminders of our Mighty Lord God, Jesus, who is able and the miracles that He performed, and then to review that man in the New Testament is still corrupt of himself as he was 2,000 years earlier even with his sophistication and knowledge.  How desperately, we needed Calvary, the empty tomb, and the ascension of the Lord Jesus to transform us from self-destruction to salvation.  Of course, our salvation is all about a personal relationship with Christ Jesus and making that personal choice to receive all of His actions that have brought deliverance and healing from the penalty and the power of sin. 

In Luke 7, a woman 'who had lived a sinful life" came to where Jesus was dining with Simon, the Pharisee.  She brought an expensive jar of perfume and washed Jesus feet with her tears. dried His feet with her hair, and drenched His feet in the perfume.  Of course, the Pharisee is critical thinking to…


  In Mark 2, I was introduced to four men who were extremely desperate to get to Jesus.  Jesus has come into a home in Capernaum and because Jesus has become known as a "miracle worker and teaching with great authority", He is surrounded by crowds wherever He goes.  He is preaching in the home and people are even crowded outside the home listening to him. The four men have carried a paralyzed man on a mat hoping to get him to Jesus.  Now deterred by their mission at hand, they carry the man to the roof, lift the thatched roof and lower the man on his mat down to the feet of Jesus.  That is extreme determination!  

Jesus' response when He sees their faith, He speaks to the crippled man that his sins are forgiven.  The religious teachers of the law have several clueless remarks and make them aloud.  No problem...because He knows what is in their hearts, He has no problem speaking to them about their thoughts.  Just wondering, does it dawn on our hearts and minds that Jesus …